Soul Sisters Digital Design is a boutique agency that believes in a holistic marketing approach. We want to hear your story and then create a plan with you that is designed to reach your goals. We strive to create relevant and meaningful connections between brands and people. Our ultimate goal is to help small business owners become successful by applying our skills and knowledge of Digital Marketing to bring more customers into each business.

Digital Marketing Team

Lori Camp


I have spent my life and career trying to help others.  From a young child trying to “help” the house painter who was working on the family home by painting the new car he had just bought from my father – to serving people with developmental disabilities as they built independent lives – to ensuring medical practices ran smoothly and patients were able to get the care they needed and deserved.  That service has taken many forms.  wink

But after years in administrative roles, I was itching to explore a different path.  When the pandemic hit, everyone struggled, including me.  Along with many in the country, my position was eliminated.  I took that event as an indication the universe had other plans for me, and sought to figure out that purpose.  As I watched the news, I felt that businesses were being hit super hard.  In my belief, small business owners are the backbone of our country, and they needed help surviving and thriving, and I wanted to create my own business serving others.  It seemed a good match.

Originally, PELC Services was resurrected.  My husband Rob and I had started PELC Services decades ago when he focused on repairing computers.  But with the advance of technology and the move to more easily replaced equipment, that business had dried up, so it had lain fallow for years.  When I found my mentor and team to build a marketing agency, it seemed natural to use that original business name.   However, it became apparent that this venture was something new and different.

Melissa and I met years ago while serving individuals with developmental disabilities and instantly connected.  We believe in many of the same ideals, and long dreamed of starting a business together.  Initially, it was with more of a holistic wellness perspective.  But those ideas got put to the side when life intervened.  We each pursued different paths for a while – mine taking me to medical practice administration and also a Massage Therapist license.  But after years of being states away from each other, we both ended up in Florida – she in the more southern part, and me in the north.  After I began my marketing agency journey, I kept attempting to get her to join me, as I truly felt that we could make a difference!  After many attempts to have her join forces with me in this adventure, I was finally successful!  She and I partnered up in the beginning of 2022.  Because we have always felt like sisters of the soul, aligned with like purposes and vision, it felt natural to name our new business Soul Sisters Digital Design.


I truly feel that the best success comes from being able to envision the end goal and then fitting in the pieces needed to bring that puzzle together.  You have to be able to use any tool needed to get the result you are looking for.  Both Melissa and I feel that connecting with customers (ie Marketing) is no different.  We want to help businesses grow organically in their goals using a holistic marketing approach.  We have the ability to use any number of tools and approaches that will align your business to your goals.  We value our relationships with clients, just as our clients value their reputation and customers.   We are not satisfied until you are where you want to be.  

Melissa Fleming Chapman


My background is fairly diverse. I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Florida. I started out like many people and dabbled in just about every field trying to figure out what I wanted to do. My first job was at a vet clinic and then moved on to a travel agency. Anyways, you get the idea. I waited until I was older before I decided to get my degree in the IT field. It was a great choice to go back later as I excelled at my studies.

My next great leap was working in the family business. My father was an electrical engineer with a military background. He even worked at NASA on the Apollo launch crew. With my father’s background and my mother jumping in to take on the administrative tasks, they started a pretty lucrative business working on CNC controls. I started in the office and worked my way up to the sales team. I loved working in the industrial manufacturing field. Our company was very niched, and we mainly worked with small mom and pop businesses. I truly enjoyed working so close with the customers getting to know their families and the drive behind their business. Unfortunately, the recession hit in 2008 and we had to close our doors.

Next was a move to the great state of NC. It was there that I met Lori. We worked together but were instant friends. We talked of starting our own business in the holistic wellness field. While we enjoyed the work, it never really took off and then life got in the way. I ended up moving back home to Florida and started working in higher education. The “learning” atmosphere was enjoyable, but I really wanted something more.

Lori ended up moving to Florida and I was elated. She was a few hours North of me, but I was happy nonetheless.  She let me know about starting her own Marketing Business and wanted to partner with me. After a little convincing she talked me into it and that’s when Soul Sisters Digital Design was born! 

Partnering with Lori and starting Soul Sisters has been the best decision I ever made. Our goals align perfectly and with that we can help our clients grow exponentially. We believe that effective marketing is rooted in human connections. Growing businesses by establishing those long term relationships is key. We have the tools and knowledge to help our you get where you want to be.  I’m excited to be part of that journey!