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Soul Sisters Digital Design – Fernandina Beach Office is located on the east coast of Florida on Amelia Island. Don’t forget to check out our North Office and South Office.

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How well is your business represented online?  Soul Sisters Digital Design specializes in not only beautiful web design, but also in helping those pages get found by potential customers.  When you are crafting your brand, you need to take into consideration your total digital presence.  This includes not only your website, but social media, google map listings, and search engine optimization.  Take a deeper look at these various components in the sections below. 

All of these things factor into your online digital presence and reputation.  You want your business to be seen as professional and expert in your field.  You want your website to be found by those searching for what you provide, whether that be healthcare, attorney representation, or landscaping.  You want people who DO find your business to take the next step and call you, and you want your current customers to value your service and stay with you for the future.

Soul Sisters Digital Design is your LOCAL digital marketing partner.  We live and work in the community, and spend time getting to know you and your business so that we can enhance the good work you do.  We are committed to our clients, and will work go above and beyond to ensure your success.


Not only does a website need to look good, it also needs to function well.  Additionally, most people use their phones for everything these days, so it is vital that any site is mobile friendly.  Google will penalize your ranking (IE: ability to show up for searches) if it is not easy to use, or if it does not load quickly.  


More and more people use google maps to find services.  If you are not on it, or are not showing near the top, you will miss out on a tremendous amount of business.  According to a report by Search Engine Watch, 60% of local searchers prefer the top 3 results, and only 10% trust paid ads.  When you show up locally for your potential customer, you establish visibility and credibility.


What is SEO?  Simply put, SEO is the process of making your website easy to find / optimized for the various search engines.  So how do you do Search Engine Optimization? That is more complicated.  There are a lot of techniques that can help with raising your ranking.   It takes time however, and trying to rush it will result in your site being pushed lower.  Google wants to see natural growth.


  • Fernandina Beach, Fl
  • Amelia Island, Fl
  • Yulee, Fl
  • Nassauville, Fl
  • Callahan, Fl
  • Jacksonville, Fl
  • Jacksonville Beach, Fl
  •  Saint Augustine, Fl
  • Palm Coast, Fl
  • Orange Park, Fl
  • Starke, Fl
  • Middleburg, Fl
  • Saint Marys, GA
  • Kingsland, GA
  • Brunswick, GA
  • Saint Simons, GA
  • Waycross, GA
  • Jesup, GA
  •  Atlantic Beach, Fl
  • Neptune Beach, Fl
  • Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl
  • Baldwin, Fl
  • Becker, Fl
  • Folkson, GA


How well do you keep up with your customers and your potential customers?  Business owners are often so busy that it becomes hard to keep up with all of the various platforms such as social media, mailchimp, google reviews, etc.  A good Customer Relationship Management system will make it easier to do that.  Your top notch communication will turn leads into customers, and customers into repeat customers.


Every business should have a logo.  It grabs attention, and is often the first impression of your business.  At it’s core function, it identifies a company or organization and becomes representative of it – so you need to make sure it shows off your business.   In designing it, logos should look good no matter the medium (website, clothing, print).  Simple, but effective is the key.

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Ads can be tricky.  Ads can also cost a lot if you are not careful.  When you need the phone to ring now though, they can be very effective. But what type should you choose?  Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram, etc) or Google (PPC)?  Having someone to not only guide you on the best platform, but to also manage them can save you both time and money.